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Season 10 AVG RBG' Ratings 9/7/11

theizzy, Jul 24, 11 7:43 PM.
Nazjatar-US Average Battleground Rating (Top 10 Players)
# Guild Realm Av BG
1 Torment Nazjatar-US 2103
2 MDK Nazjatar-US 1940
3 Afterlife Nazjatar-US 1911
4 Friends Nazjatar-US 1600
5 Dirge Union Nazjatar-US 1574

MDK's Outstanding Ranking Structure!

Pohakanui, Jun 16, 11 12:00 AM.
1. High Warlord- Nicklewise (Hunter 85) ~Guild Master~
2. Executioner - Everli (DK 85) ~Assistant Advisers to High Warlord~
3. Warlord-  ~Highest Officer Rank and part of Council~
 A MDK Warlord must be Extremely active and dedicated to the progression of MDK
 This may include sacrificing time and/or resources to help others become more skilled or geared.
 This Rank Requires Responsible Individuals, that being said, they may offer suggestions on guild policy and structure, and at times will be asked to do so.
Warlords are elected by the High Warlord and Executioners, and can be suggested by other Warlords.This position cannot be applied for. 
Warlords must have extremely good research skills, a level head most of all, and must be a fair person.. in and out of game.
Warlords will fill the slots of PvE leaders and PvP leaders if called upon to do so Warlords have the right and duty to maintain order in MDK by whatever means necessary

4. Warbringer- Officer ~Requires Guild Rank of Revered~
Once you are Revered with MDK you may apply for Officer! To apply, mail either High Warlord or an Executioner in-game or here online and woo us, gently. lol >:D
PvP Lead(s)- Filled by Warlords
PvE Lead(s)- Filled by Warlords
Guild Enchanter-Wickedangel
Guild Alchemist(Elixir Master)- Everlie

This officer position is for PvP and PvE core leaders. Also for the guild assigned professioners. This rank allows you to create guild events along with other benefits.

5. Assassin- Member Rank -Level 85 ~PvP core players~
  Those dedicated to the progression of MDK through rated battlegrounds. Those very skilled with their class with the initiative to learn and the tenacity to not give up.
Requirements: Level 85 with Vent, must have a minimum of FULL Season 10 Vicious. - Be there to do scheduled rated battlegrounds with the guild. Must also attend most of the rated battlegrounds set.

7. Slayer- Member Rank -Level 85 ~PvE core players~
        Our main raiders. You must be there for most of the raids set. Being Slayer is the PvE equivalent to Assassin(PvP core). They share the same guild benefits.
Requirements: Level 85 with Vent, must be willing to learn without fighting with the raid leaders. We would like people to give their ideas, but with respect. Minimum ilvl of 360.
8. Villian- Member Rank -new level 85s
        Start getting geared and doing raids and/or rated battlegrounds with the guild to work your way to a higher rank.

9. Thug- Member Rank- Level 40-84
        For those working to get to 85!

10. THE PEN- This Rank is for General Douchebaggery, Arguing with Leadership (that includes officers), Not following instructions on Raid/PvP activities, Ragequitting a guild group, qq'ing, Blowing up in gchat, ect.. This  Punishment Rank (basicly a time out) may last from 2 minutes to 2 months, depending on nature of offense. More severe offenses will lead to guild expulsion. (Your ass is out, no questions asked)

11. Fish- Probationary Member and Members/Alts Levels 1-39.
    All members will be this rank to begin and will not advance until approved by an officer. Also, This rank is intended for any alts that you may wish to join, that do not meet higher ranking requirements.

Weekly Schedule!

Pohakanui, Apr 26, 11 8:07 AM.
These are the main events every week.
-Sunday. 4-7(Server Time) Core Raiding! Pve Progression sign up in game on the Calender 360ilvl equipped. Bring your own flasks, Feasts will be provided. Vent and DBM, and the ability to not stand in swirly inviting fire-looking things required!!!

-Monday- Blood BowlRated Battlegrounds! Compete against your fellow guildies in fights to the death for gold prizes, usually 1k+ In the Blood Bowl!!!.   RBG's Reguire 3.8k+Res

-Tuesday-(Aka Terrible Tuesday). Baradin Hold Raid 25m. (When we own it, Usually around 6-8pm Server)

-Wednesday- 6-10(Server Time) Core Raiding Pve Progression sign up in game on the Calender 359ilvl equipped. Bring your own flasks, Feasts will be provided. Vent and DBM, and the ability to not stand in swirly inviting fire-looking things required!!!

-Thursday- Rated Battlegrounds! RBG's Reguire 3.8k+Res

-Friday-Rated Battlegrounds! RBG's Reguire 3.8k+Res

-Saturday- 6-10(Server Time) Core Raiding Pve Progression sign up in game on the Calender 359ilvl equipped. Bring your own flasks, Feasts will be provided. Vent and DBM, and the ability to not stand in swirly inviting fire-looking things required!!!

If you would like to leave comments or suggestions on this news section, please do so :)

Also, at your earliest convenience, mark a note by your name in the guild tab, and mark whether you're PvP or PvE. and Main spec.
For our raiders, it would be great if you also could work on having a good offspec, either tank heals or dps if you're one of those. If you're a pure dps class, ex. mage, hunter, look for which specs would help a raid and your guild out the most :) Thanks everyone for your time! :)
Ultimately as said in our charter, the goal is to have fun, We are doing great as a guild and I like what we have all done to make us successful, we now will be working on PvE progression also. So get geared and see you in-game :)
  Superßrat & Everli
Do ya?    
Guild Charter    
Guild Charter:

What is Required of the Individual Member?

As a member of MDK, we ask that you do the following. If you do not think you can hold to these guidelines, please do not accept the terms and go your way in peace. If, after joining you feel that other members are not following these guidelines, please contact the guild leader, or any of our officers .

Please install whatever UI Mods/chat programs that the guild uses before logging in.
Check the "Forums" tab/General Forums/Useful links for links to guild required addons, ect..

Members are required to be active in the Guild. Mains: if you are going to be gone for longer than 30 days You Must leave a note here on the Forums, Send an Officer an In-game Email or have an Officer set it in your Officer Note in game.
Any Mains over 30 Days will be /gkicked if they have no note, when you return all you need to do is log on your main and ask for your main and any alts to be invited back to the guild they do not lose any guild reputation as long as you do not join another guild.

We Do No keep any inactive ALTS in the guild if you do not log them on they will be /gkicked after 30 days of inactivity All it takes is for you to log on your Main and ask for a simple reinvite As long as you do not join another guild on your Alt you will not lose any Guild Reputation you have on any Alts

Individual Members:
-are required to act with courtesy, respect, and maturity towards their fellow guild members and the entire realm ( Don't be a jerk to the other members and don't be too much of an ass in general channels, opinions are fine, trolling is fun at times. racist crap, Starting guild drama,Blowing up in gchat, and stuff like that will get ya kicked, hating on Alliance is fine :)

-are required to follow guild policies, be dedicated to the guild and actively help the guild achieve its goals.

-are required to follow the orders of the Leadership when on guild functions without complaint.

-are required to Be 1337, have fun!!!(Most important) It's a game, and should be treated as such.

What is Required of Leadership?

The Leadership:

-is required to enforce the guild policies.

-is required to provide just as much dedication to making the guild successful as the guild members.

-understands that they do not own the guild, as a guild is only an organization of like minded people but that they are entrusted with running it smoothly and successfully for the members.

What is MDK?

MDK is an End Game Guild on the Nazjatar Realm in the World of Warcraft.

MDK is a like-minded group of players coming together for the purpose of having a good time. For some, that good time is only achieved by mastery of the game and the domination of other players as well as the environment. Others are just looking for the modern equivalent of the corner bar. But the point is ultimately to enjoy yourself, and help the other members have as much fun as possible.

MDK will focus on all end game facets of the World of Warcraft

What Does the Guild Stand For?

Respect: Respect between the members of the guild

Honor: MDK stands for a clean game, No cheating of any kind

Skill: MDK requires a level of individual skill beyond what most other guilds require.

Rank Structure!

You are able to attain the highest Officer Rank available! You decide by your actions what rank you become in the guild, more info on the forums, General link! :)
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